What We Believe




     The vision of LRVC is to embrace and engage with the hope that God has put before us: To be a Christ-centered community that faithfully represents Jesus by living in the love, character, and power of God’s kingdom here on earth. We desire to welcome our neighbors in the Lake Region area to join us as we develop relationship with God and each other.


Values & Practices (how we intend to live out the vision): 

      The foundational values of our church are anchored upon the person, teaching, and character of Jesus Christ. We embrace his command to proclaim and demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom of God being present now. And we endeavor to share in his life message of love, grace, and salvation in a manner relevant to our culture through the practice of the following kingdom values: 

Extravagant Worship- The practice of joyfully offering all areas of our lives (heart, mind, body, soul) to our loving, holy God for the sole purpose of engaging in life-giving relationship with him. 

Healthy Community- The practice of doing life together in order to encourage, help, celebrate with, and learn from each other in a way that is gracious, welcoming, and grounded in God's uncompromising love for us. 

Radical Generosity- The practice of freely giving our time, talents, and resources for the sake of benefiting others, as well as establishing a physical presence where many can gather to worship and minister God's grace in our community. 

Personal Transformation- The practice of personally developing and modeling Christ-like character by devoting ourselves to becoming lifelong students, practitioners, and disciples of Jesus. 

Compassionate Outreach- The practice of offering comfort and mercy, practical service and counsel, love and blessing, to our friends and neighbors near and far. To be the active hands and feet of Jesus as well as a clear voice of hope and truth. 

Being Naturally Supernatural- The practice of discovering, developing, and working with the Holy Spirit-empowered gifts and skills given to all believers, so that we may know and experience the love and power of God's kingdom as it influences our everyday lives. 

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